Running a Remote Patient Monitoringprogram couldn't be any simpler

Remote Patient Monitoring

Easy to Use for Patients and Providers

Our patient onboarding is seamless..takes only 2-3 minutes. We also add simple instruction manuals for anyone to understand.

Wireless FDA approved Medical Devices

High Quality, Easy-to-Use FDA Approved Devices

Our remote patient monitoring devices are selected based on quality and affordability. We ensure that all devices meet the requirements of being reimbursable by Medicare.

Telehealth and RPM CPT Codes

New CPT Reimbursable Codes

You Can Earn Up to $123 Net per Patient per Month After Paying for Equipment & Services with CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and more. Our software is capable of tracking all activities for any audit purposes.

Hospital, ACOs, Medical Practices

Designed for Small and Large Medical Groups

We guarantee that our software will help you save time and build stronger relationships with your patients. Our pricing model guarantees profitability starting in the first month.

HIPAA, FDA approved

Capture More Revenue, Ensure Compliance

Our system makes it easy to bill. Simply export a PDF file at the end of each month that can be sent to your billing team. EHR integrations are available on request.

Patient and Provider Chat and Video tools

Advanced Patient Communication Tools

We provide advanced communication tools that make it easy to capture reimbursable communications. Automated notifications ensures readings get taken as planned.

Easy-to-Use Devicesfor Everyone

Available devices include wireless blood pressure cuffs, weighting scales, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, Spirometers and more. We offer high-quality and affordable and reputable Cellular and Bluetooth devices (Roche, Accu Chek, A&D etc.) not available on other platforms.

Patients measure their vitals such as BP, Pulse, SpO2, Glucose and weight at home

Clinical staff use the HIPAA compliant Healtharc to remotely monitor patients’ data

Data is automatically analyzed - monitor unlimited patients on one dashboard using desktop or Tablets

We built HealthArc because we wanted to enable providers and patients to
have better experiences and better health outcomes.
Chronic care management


Easily monitor patients in-between visits, get paid for the care you’re already delivering


Efficiently track key vitals between office visits so you can prioritize patients in need


Patients with Healtharc devices report more frequently so you keep them engaged in CCM


Bill for remote monitoring time with Medicare's CCM codes: CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, 99473, 99474

Best user engagement and retention rates for
easy chronic care management

Our easy-to-use software and pricing model is designed to be highly profitable with no upfront risk.

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We make it easy to create profitable Remote Patient
Monitoring programs that enable better care

Earn $122 per patient/month